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Empowering Reason

Discuss with the World

Kialo is designed to facilitate constructive debate about the most important issues in the world, without turning into the usual Internet Shouting Factory. We aspire to become not just where you come to argue, but also where you can explore the reasons why people disagree and see diverse points of view on the issues that matter. On Kialo, you can view and critically assess others’ discussions, add your voice, and watch the conversation expand as more and more people chime in.

Have Private Debates

Need to resolve a disagreement? Can’t decide whether to marry him? Or just enjoy arguing with friends and family? Kialo is the tool for you!
Just create a private discussion, invite your friends, and go – no more chaotic email or message threads.

Teach Critical Thinking

Kialo was designed to ensure rational and friendly discourse, empowering teachers to engage students in vibrant debates where the strongest arguments hold sway. Whether a secondary school civics class debating issues in an upcoming election or a university philosophy course exploring the ethics of genetically modified organisms, Kialo can be used by any type of course to help students get to the core of subject matter.

Effective Workplace Decisions

Kialo allows you to easily prepare, make and communicate decisions across an organization, while avoiding an inbox meltdown. Use our Teams functionality to invite and manage large groups, design and curate your private team portal and share and store a coherent log of all your team’s decisions – contact us to give it a try!

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