Affirmative Action: Useful Once, Outdated Today?

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It is time to end affirmative action in college admissions.

  • The implementation of affirmative action is an administrative burden to the school.

  • Affirmative action inflames racial tensions.

  • Affirmative action fails at its intended purpose.

  • Affirmative action reinforces negative racial stigmas.

  • Affirmative action promotes reverse discrimination.

  • Affirmative action programs in college lead to less-qualified professionals in the workforce.

  • In principle, the government should not endorse policies that treat people differently based on their race.

  • Affirmative action improves education by enabling the presence of more diverse perspectives in the classroom.

  • Affirmative action in college admissions normalizes affirmative action in the workplace.

  • Affirmative action is important to the success of minorities in college.

  • Affirmative action fairly distributes academic opportunity to marginalized groups.

  • Affirmative action helps redress the ongoing effects of racial injustices.

  • Affirmative action is important to the success of minorities later in life.