Are Bitcoin and Anonymous Payments Beneficial for the World?

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Assuming that a flawless system for anonymous payments (APs) were to exist, anonymity, as an attribute of this system, would be beneficial.

  • APs put less control in the hands of banks and governments and more freedom in the hands of ordinary citizens.

  • The ecosystem of cryptocurrencies that constitutes of so-called "alt-coins" may provide more efficient and cost effective means of transacting and personal energy usage free from third party charges e.g

  • AP would result in better data privacy and protection for ordinary citizens.

  • Funding anti-establishment actors that keep the elites in check is greatly helped by APs.

  • Some business sectors would benefit from APs.

  • Criminals greatly benefit from APs.

  • Ordinary citizens do not need APs for everyday life.

  • APs will rarely enhance the anonymity of ordinary citizens' transactions and are thus of little benefit to them.

  • APs have harmful side effects beyond their use as currency.

  • APs would lure some people with borderline criminal tendencies to engage in immoral or criminal activities, believing that they are acting anonymously.

  • APs make governments' operations more complicated and costly.