Are citizen science projects beneficial to science?

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Citizen Science projects are beneficial to science

  • To the degree that Citizen Science projects increase sample sizes, add computing power, and reduce investigator bias, it represents a positive tool in the arsenal of modern research.

  • Citizen science speeds up discoveries.

  • Citizen science can eliminate discrimination that normally blocks marginalized people from scientific work.

  • It allows study and practice to make real contributions that are beneficial to society.

  • These projects help out the participants in their lives to gain scientific skills

  • Citizen science projects put critical data and collection in the hands of amateurs. It is hard enough to control for spurious variables in a well-controlled research setting. Thinking that crowd-sourcing will deliver reliable data is wishful thinking at best, a Pollyanna distraction to serious scientific inquiry at worst.

  • Citizen science is a symptom of larger, structural issues in society. Rather than resolving these issues, it enables them to continue.