Are there any working business models for journalism?

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Currently, there is no working business-model for journalism.

  • Many newspapers have been suffering from lay-offs or even went bankrupt.

  • The way that people consume media these days has been radically altered by technology, which makes it impossible to generate sustainable revenue streams.

  • Most revenue models rely on circulation, which many publications struggle to keep up.

  • Many Newssites on the web make most articles available for free.

  • The financial crisis created an environment that made journalism financially unsustainable. (resource in german)

  • Structural problems in the industry are making it impossible for journalism to be financially sustainable.

  • More websites than ever offer news and reporting, indicating that publishers believe the net to be a lucrative field of work.

  • Journalism is relevant to democracy on a high level and can thus rely on the idealism, enthusiasm and passion of the people who make it.

  • At least some well-known publishers are profitable.

  • News sites on the web experiment with a large amount of different models for payment and subscription while keeping the most important news free.

  • Revenue from advertising is a business model and offers journalism a possibly working business model.

  • Online journalism offers a variety of new forms of journalism, like multi-media reporting. And new products, albeit an amalgam of known ones, attract new customers and offer new advertising possibilities.