Are there any working business models for journalism?

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The way that people consume media these days has been radically altered by technology, which makes it impossible to generate sustainable revenue streams.

  • Consumers are presented with a much larger amount of content online than ever before since the means to publish online are widely available at low costs. Some of theses offers are trustworthy, but not as established. Others are not.

  • Smartphones enable people to consume news and reports much more often than before, which means there is persistent demand for new content, which places a strain on journalists.

  • Consumers of content are taking in content in increasingly smaller chunks and through content aggregation platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Editorial work as well as journalism in general have not changed: reporting via written and spoken word as well as in picture, still or moving, is still key. It's the instruments to document and publish and comment on the beats that have changed.

  • Consumption of news reporting is still similar in terms of times of consumption to what it was before, with peaks in the morning, at noon and in the evening. It just became more measureable with online media.