Are there any working business models for journalism?

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Journalism is relevant to democracy on a high level and can thus rely on the idealism, enthusiasm and passion of the people who make it.

  • Small journalistic enterprises such as quillete are being financially rewarded for their dedication to journalistic integrity through their use of crowd funding websites like patreon.

  • The lack of quality journalism being provided by the major news networks (who focus on sound-bites and opinion pieces) is creating a new demand for outlets which display dedication to the core journalistic principles of integrity, research and bias avoidance.

  • With the large amount of content online, consumers automatically become sort of amateur-journalists themselves while consuming, since they have to judge the trustworthyness of the content. That is, traditionally, the job of editors who are trained to document, fact-check and evaluate sources.

  • Relying on those qualities can come at a terrible cost: Journalists are already a decimated and dispirited profession with high burn-out rates. They suffer from everything from PTSD to exhaustion: