Battery Electric Vehicles are better than Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

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Battery Electric Vehicles are better than Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles.

  • The efficiency of conversion from renewable energy source to movement of vehicle is much higher for a battery electric vehicle. Hydrogen is an unnecessary step in the energy conversion chain.

  • Battery electric vehicles are much cheaper to service, and don't need to be serviced as regularly as Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

  • Hydrogen is dangerous and requires special training for storage and handling - even in garages where fuel cell cars will be serviced.

  • Hydrogen fires are invisible and very dangerous.

  • Most hydrogen is made by gas reforming using fossil fuels as the source. This uses huge amounts of electricity that could be used to just recharge a vehicle.

  • Car makers shifted their research activities to electronic vehicles rather than researching on fuel cells.

  • There are only a few Hydrogen refuelling stations, but there are commercial EV charging points everywhere.

  • If you can park your car on your own personal property (e.g. a driveway or garage) you can charge your car overnight.

  • Hydrogen fuel tanks are leaky

  • Hydrogen is very expensive to create

  • Battery electric vehicles will put strains on the electricity supply infrastructure that will be costly to mitigate against.

  • Fuell Cells do not need batteries and avoid the chemicals in them.

  • Hydrogen vehicles have longer range

  • Lithium is a limited resource, whereas hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.

  • You can fill up the tank of a Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in minutes.

  • For large vehicles, like lorries and ships, the capacity of fuel cells can be increased by increasing the size of the fuel tank. Increasing battery capacity requires more batteries, which means much more weight.