Capital Punishment In The US: Inhumane Or Just?

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Capital punishment should be abolished in the United States.

  • Death penalty generates too many ethical difficulties for those involved in the process.

  • The death penalty is often applied in an arbitrary (discriminatory; inconsistent) manner.

  • The death penalty violates human rights.

  • There are irrevocable consequences to execution, such as wrongful conviction.

  • Most major democracies have abolished and condemned the death penalty. The US should not be different.

  • The death penalty is not efficient in terms of costs and procedure.

  • Some criminals deserve the death penalty due to the severity of their crimes.

  • The death penalty is an effective deterrent, preventing serious crimes from occuring in the first place.

  • Capital punishment protects public safety by ensuring that convicted criminals do not ever offend again.

  • Absent capital punishment life imprisonment would be the only choice. This is equally or more cruel.

  • There is a public satisfaction knowing that a known convicted, and professed guilty perpetrator is no longer alive, no matter how much it costs. Some people are willing to accept the cost for that satisfaction.

  • A majority of Americans are in favor of capital punishment, and their opinions should be reflected in the law.