Creationism is not a valid model of origins.

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Creationism is not an accurate model of origins.

  • The historical record is inconsistent with the description in Genesis.

  • Our scientific understanding of the origins of Earth, and the Universe, are inconsistent with the description in Genesis.

  • The first verse of Genesis valid, because it is the best explanation for the origin of the universe. From nothing, nothing comes. 1) Everything that begins to exist, must have a cause 2) The universe began to exist 3) Therefore, the universe had a cause.

  • There is no way to determine accuracy, or inaccuracy, when a supernatural force is in play because it is not observable. Since we have immeasurable variables, the degree of accuracy of creationism cannot be deduced.

  • Allegorically speaking Creationism is accurate. However, as a scientific model of the Universe it is not accurate.