Crypto-Economics Modeled After RPG

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Crypto-Economics Modeled After Role Play Game

  • RPG's are some of the best games ever.

  • Crypto is trending up

  • social media is increasing the spread of these new technologies.

  • If it is free for people to use, people might see the low risk high reward

  • People love games and people love making money

  • People need an intermediary to champion for their interests. The avatar within the RPG will be smarter and faster than any human.

  • Players interact with each other in ways that governments do not currently allow.

  • AR technology will increase user enjoyability. The new technology in the iPhone X with be the first taste of this.

  • The infrastructure is already being laid out

  • unless the government subsidizes the spread of new technology, not everyone in the world will benefit.

  • Cryptocurrencies are a bubble, soon to pop, then what?

  • Great in theory, silly in reality. Reality cannot be modeled, only experienced.

  • some people will always be computer-illiterate.

  • Can you define RPG, please? You want to expand the box of people understanding, right? My work on currency modelling is here:

  • Lack of public understanding

  • Certain innovations do not exist yet

  • no one has time to play games on electronic devices. people have bills to pay and mouths to feed