Do Aliens Exist?

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Alien life has existed or does exist.

  • If multiverse theory is true, by necessity there is more than one Earth and thus, more than one human species.

  • Taking into account the age and size of the universe, alien life exists with a high probability.

  • The Panspermia theory claims that life has been transported to Earth on asteroids or comets and started somewhere else in the first place.

  • If we widen our perspective and take into account that "life" could very well mean a non-carbon-based or a non-water based life form, then it is very likely that aliens exist in this vast universe.

  • Life can thrive in extreme environments on Earth. Thus, it is highly imaginable that life can exist in extreme environments on other planets or celestial bodies.

  • Humans have not discovered any evidence supporting the existence of aliens.

  • According to the three Abrahamic religions, humans are the only intelligent species in the universe, and were created by God.

  • The creation of life by chance may well be such a fantastically improbable event that it has happened only once.