Does the European Union lack the necessary public discourse to function properly?

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The European Union lacks the necessary public discourses to function properly.

  • The EU needs genuine leaders elected by democratic process. Few will respect the self appointed.

  • in contrast to national public debates, there are no such things as EU-Newspapers or TV-Channels

  • Public discourses are essential for a democracy to function properly. The EU is a democratic system.

  • National ambition must not dominate debates that require the whole of Europe

  • The majority of Europeans do not care enough to actually give feedback to the EU institutions

  • The debates are there. The biggest issue is that the parlaiment cannot suggest new laws but can only vote on them. The only institutions who are able to create new legislation are the commissions who meet in private and only accepts lobbyists

  • The EU is in essence a Union of national states, therefore the national debates must suffice to support the EU institutions.

  • It is impossible to have public debates in the EU, because the language-barrier stands in the way.

  • The variety of people and political perspective makes it impossible for Europe to have actual public debates.