Eating Meat is Wrong

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Humans should stop eating meat.

  • Vegetarian diets lead to better health outcomes than omnivorous diets.

  • Eating and producing meat heavily contributes to climate change.

  • Farming animals has severe impacts on the local environment.

  • Eating meat is cruel and immoral.

  • Ceasing to produce meat will be necessary in order to meet the growing food needs of the world's population.

  • Consuming meat is an important part of many cultures.

  • Ceasing to eat meat would harm the economy.

  • Eating meat is a central part of human nature and thus inherent to humankind.

  • Farming vegetarian products also directly or indirectly harms animals.

  • As animals lack rights it is morally permissible to raise them for slaughter.

  • Eating meat is delicious and brings many people pleasure.