Electric vehicles are better than fossil fuel vehicles

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Electric vehicles are better than fossil fuel vehicles

  • Electric cars are more efficient than fossil fuel cars.

  • Electric cars are nicer to drive than fossil fuel cars

  • Refuelling an EV is more convenient than refuelling a fossil fuel car.

  • EVs require less maintenance than fossil fuel cars

  • EVs are more environmentally friendly than fossil fuel cars

  • Electric vehicles have limited range compared to fossil fuel cars.

  • Refuelling a fossil fuel car is faster than charging an EV.

  • Electric cars are expensive to buy compared to fossil fuel cars

  • Fossil Fuel cars have been a primary driver of economies world wide for nearly 100 years, driving innovation, employment, making transport cheaper and more efficient. It will take at least 20 years for EVs to gain significant market share to make such a claim.

  • EV charging infrastructure does not support carefree motoring, where as the fossil fuel supply network is mature and ubiquitous.