Free Speech in Germany

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Various propositions what the laws in Germany SHOULD be, not COULD be, given the constitution or other laws. We are ALWAYS talking about speech in PUBLIC, not in private. And WHISTLE-BLOWING is also excluded.

10 Theses
  • Any form of free speech should be allowed in Germany without any restrictions.

  • Germany should not take any initiative but merely follow the European Court of Human Rights in regard to free speech.

  • Human endangering speech (eg making prank bomb-threats or screaming fire in a packed cinema), should be forbidden.

  • The Hitler greeting, "Heil Hitler" and extended arm, when used as an actual greeting, should be forbidden.

  • Hate speech, symbols of hate and violence inciting speech, should be forbidden.

  • The distribution or public use of symbols of unconstitutional groups such as Nazis, Wiking Youth, Blood & Honour, etc. (in particular, flags, insignia, uniforms, slogans and forms of greeting) should be forbidden.

  • Blasphemous statements, including symbols and the mocking of religions, should be forbidden.

  • Racist words including symbols should be forbidden.

  • Freedom of speech should be limited whenever it conflicts with other values or rights (e.g. dignity, social equality, informational self-determination, right to privacy, etc.).

  • The discriminated against should be allowed to use the offending terms.