Free Will or Determinism: Do We Have Free Will?

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There is no free will

  • The notions “freedom” and “will” are not compatible, making the expression 'Free Will' oxymoronic.

  • Human actions and choices can be traced back deterministic causes.

  • Observations in science suggest there is no free will.

  • There are various religious and spiritual teachings that imply we have free will.

  • There is no way to claim free will is or is not.

  • Lived experience and observation suggest that we have free will.

  • It is necessary to believe in free will as humans could not function without it. Universal belief in a metaphysical concept is all that is needed to guarantee its existence.

  • Apparent randomness is strong evidence for the existence of free will.

  • Moral responsibility cannot exist without free will. Since moral responsibility does exist, by modes tolens, free will must also exist.