Has Religion Been a Good Thing for Humanity?

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Religion has been a good thing for humankind.

  • Religion has created valuable moral codes and philosophical frameworks.

  • Religions emerged as an evolutionary adaptation. They spread the adoption of behaviors that provided evolutionary advantages.

  • Religion has motivated numerous selfless acts such as volunteering and charity.

  • Religious beliefs have a pragmatic value

  • Most of today's cultures and remaining world heritage are due to religions.

  • Religion is good for the psycho-social wellness of its followers.

  • Religions are useful as sources spiritual and personal lessons.

  • Religion serves as a meeting ground for people to come together, network and create long lasting relationships.

  • Humankind has wasted too much time, effort and resources on religion, with few to no practical results.

  • Religion has been used as a form of social control.

  • People have been led to do terrible things in the name of religion.

  • Religiosity is a sign of societies' failure: the least religious societies tend to be the most successful.

  • Religion has been useful in the past but is no longer of value, and is causing more harm than good.

  • Religions have been a prominent source of Conflict all over the world and through all ages.

  • Religions have slowed down the human advancement in science and technology.

  • Organized religions discourage personal exploration and spirituality.