High-income countries have a moral obligation to take in refugees

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High-income countries have a moral obligation to take in refugees.

  • Refugees are desperate, vulnerable, innocent human beings. Given that every human being is of equal dignity and humanity, high-income countries must help them.

  • Liberal understandings of justice and fairness support the view that it would be immoral for high-income states to refuse to take refugees in.

  • High-income countries have signed international agreements to take in refugees.

  • It is in the long-term interests of humanity for high-income countries to host refugees.

  • We are all citizens of the world, so a national border should not mean we do not help someone, especially when we have more resources like a high-income country does.

  • Enforcing border controls in order to stop refugees from entering a country is equivalent to committing an act of violence against those refugees. It is not an omission - a failure to help someone in need - but an active harm.

  • Accepting refugees benefits the citizens of high-income countries.

  • High-income countries are complicit in exploiting - and hence profiting from - many exchanges that have contributed to the current world-wide refugee crisis.

  • We are all global citizens, and have moral responsibilities towards each other that transcend national boundaries.

  • There are too many refugees to take them all in.

  • Accepting refugees encourages more people to attempt dangerous journeys to reach high-income countries, which results in more harm to refugees on net.

  • Accepting refugees can be harmful for their home countries.

  • Taking in refugees can have negative consequences for high-income countries.

  • A country's wealth is irrelevant to the moral obligation to take in refugees.

  • A country should not be the moral unit taking care of refugees. Individuals should.

  • Countries do not, in principle, have any moral obligations to people who are not their citizens or residents.

  • Any moral responsibility that high-income countries have towards refugees can be discharged without taking them in.