Human decision should be based on morality.

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Human decisions are based on individual moral constructs.

  • Morality is the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. It, by definition, is the human construct for choice.

  • Conscious beings collectively making moral choices should benefit the universal experience of consciousness and well being greater than making immoral choices.

  • Morality is solely based on human emotion, we consider things that make us happy to be "good or sacred." Despite the fact that morality may hold us back from individual progress, morality provides joy for the majority of people, so logically for you to have healthy happiness, you would need moral guidance.

  • I'd rather say they should be based on ethics, in a libertarian sense of ethics

  • Human's don't have free will.

  • People make decisions based on a variety of factors under countless situations where only a fraction of them are based with conscience moral consideration. By your statement, a psychopath, who has no moral consideration, not that they even have their own unique moral compass, but they have no morality at all, can still make decisions, where your claim would support the opposite.

  • Moral definitions of right and wrong are human ideas with no basis in physical law. There is no evidence that this human ideas matters whatsoever to our physical world.

  • Human decision making is based in large part on advanced hormonal processes, among others, that can be entirely outside of a persons conscious control.

  • Morality changes with time, throughout history, centuries ago slavery was accepted and moral, nowdays it is not. Human actions must be guided by Logic and Reason

  • Moral constructs are social and political in nature, not individual. Is it not necessary to learn right and wrong? Why is there not a common morality inherited by everyone? Why are there religions with conflicting moral codes? I would be willing to concede that shared moral constructs inform individual human decisions

  • Human decisions should be based on self-interest.