Human life should be valued above animal life.

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Humanity may not be the superior lifeform on Earth, it may even not be better than any other. But, ours is the only species that can appreciate the beauty of the entire biosphere.

  • Our species *is* the only one capable of building technology beyond simple tools, and of understanding abstract concepts & planning non-instinctually (rather than instinctive pseudo-planning behaviors such as bears going into hibernation).

  • Not all humans "appreciate the beauty" of the biosphere. Some wilfully harm it

  • There is no evidence that animals do not appreciate the beauty of Earth. It is possible that they simply appreciate it in a different way than humans measure it.

  • If we want to appreciate the beauty of the entire biosphere, we need to value animal life over human life sometimes in order to preserve that rich and diverse biosphere.

  • Humans can't appreciate the beauty of extreme deep sea which is part of our biosphere.