Human life should be valued above animal life.

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Humans provide the best chance for life to spread beyond the confines of Earth, so humans are good for life in general.

  • Life is put in danger by global extinction events as long as it resides on only one planet.

  • It is well-known that eventually the Sun will expand and engulf the Earth, eliminating all life on it. Humanity is the best hope of creating the technology to ensure continued existence of the rare life on Earth far into the future.

  • Many humans could die before humanity's ability to spread life to other worlds becomes compromised.

  • That is goal for humans. An animal doesn't care if it lives on Earth or Mars.

  • It will not have been worth the sacrifice if we destroy the earth or a multitude of species go extinct before we get to an alien planet.

  • Life also spreads across planets without human interference.