Humans should act to fight climate change

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Humans should act to fight climate change.

  • Climate change is putting increasing pressure on political governance and if not acted upon soon this could lead to growing strains on international peace organisations (eg. NATO, WHO, EU etc).

  • Market forces indicate humans should fight climate change.

  • Man made climate change (AGW) is a theory that in 1995 predicted the global average temperature to increase between 2 to 4c per At that date the temp was .4c now it is .9c and that confirms the

  • Dealing with the effects of climate change in the future would be much more complicated than dealing with them now

  • Fighting climate change is a moral obligation, as those who will suffer are those who are unable to prevent it.

  • Climate change has profound and negative impact on nature.

  • Climate change is likely to cause extensive human suffering. ipcc_ar5

  • Scientists advocate to fight climate change.

  • Fighting climate change could unify humanity.

  • As a result of climate change national and international migration could rise.

  • We shouldn't fight climate change because it is natural.

  • It is not business interest to act against climate change, because it decreases profit. Human interest is business interest, because every human is interested in gaining money. Thus, it is not in the interst of humans to act against climate change. Thus, humans should not act against climate change.

  • Global climate is a dynamic system that corrects itself when interfered with.

  • There is no agreed ideal climate for the planet, but if there was, it would probably be a warmer one with greater CO2 since plants like more CO2 and crop cycles extend

  • Humans lack the tools necessary to fight climate change.

  • The money necessary to fight climate change can be used to better ends.

  • Climate change policy has become politicised; it is a pretext used by politicians to further their own goals. This politicisation has clouded true debate and sensible answers on what to do about Climate Change

  • By the end of the century the human societies will be so rich that coping with the effects of climate change will be easy.

  • The Earth, which is so much bigger and older than the human species, will be fine.