Is Gender a Social Construct?

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Gender (the concept of masculinity and femininity) is a social construct.

  • The hierarchical structure of gender is upheld in order to maintain social control.

  • Gender is a social construct because its perception is fluid, and changes among time and societies.

  • Gender categorization only exists through the societal attribution of specific behaviors as indicating a specific gender identity, as at the individual level the internal conception of one's identity does not need labels.

  • Gender is determined by biological factors.

  • Most cultures divide labor between men and women, thus at least some aspects of gender are universally shared and not socially constructed.

  • Men and women as well as masculine and feminine naturally complement each other. They evolved to be this way and to be attracted to the opposite sex.

  • According to three main monotheistic religions' scriptures, God created the man and the woman as different and complementary.