Is it Time to 'Free the Nipple'? Toplessness and Gender Equality in the US

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Gender restrictions on nipple showing in the US should be eliminated.

  • Censoring nipples is oppressive to women.

  • Women should have free choice over showing their nipples.

  • Topless women have widely been an acceptable subject in popular and high culture, and in the media. It is hypocritical to treat female nudity any different in society.

  • Gender restrictions on nipples have unintended negative consequences.

  • Women are allowed to go bare-chested in public in other countries. The US should be no different.

  • It is discriminatory to restrict women and not men.

  • Women should preserve their nudity for their partners.

  • Women showing their nipples in public is detrimental to society as a whole.

  • Restricting nipple showing protects women from unwanted sexual harassment.

  • Nipple showing may create a culture where some women feel pressured by photographers or revelers to expose their bodies.