Is Spanking a Child Abusive?

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Spanking a child is abusive.

  • Spanking is traumatizing.

  • Hitting a child sends the message that it is OK to be physically harmed by another.

  • Research demonstrates conclusively that spanking is abuse, by definition.

  • There are better tools that can be used to help children behave well.

  • Initiating physical violence against anyone without consent is assault and battery and a violation of natural rights. These rights are not dependent on age.

  • Many countries recognize the abusive status of spanking in their laws on child abuse.

  • Hitting a child is a disciplinary measure, not abuse.

  • Many people who were hit by their parents growing up grew up just fine.

  • Abuse is often unpredictable and without cause, unlike spanking.

  • Spanking has been done for centuries without it being considered abuse.