Is the Book of Mormon authentic?

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The Book of Mormon is authentic.

  • The Book of Mormon's authenticity is verified by the religious experience of its believers.

  • The Book of Mormon has withstood the test of time.

  • The structure and complexity of the Book of Mormon is evidence of its authenticity.

  • The golden plates, from which Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, were a historical artifact made by ancient Americans.

  • The Book of Mormon is inspired by God.

  • Archaeological finds in the Americas have parallels in the Old World, thus giving evidence of the Book of Mormon narrative.

  • Joseph Smith believed the Book of Mormon was authentic.

  • The Book of Mormon fulfills biblical prophecies.

  • There are explanations of the Book of Mormon's origin other than it is an ancient text translated by Joseph Smith.

  • The archaeological evidence weighs soundly against the Book of Mormon being a historical record.

  • Joseph Smith did not credibly obtain or translate the golden plates in the way he claimed.

  • The Book of Mormon contains modern influences.

  • The Book of Mormon contains anachronisms.

  • Genetic evidence does not support the Book of Mormon's claims regarding native people of the Americas.

  • Joseph Smith had a record of dishonesty.

  • Joseph Smith had a poor track record as a prophet or translator.

  • The Book of Mormon was in part motivated by the possibility of monetary gain.