Is there a need for an arc containing humanity?

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There is a need for a vault or bunker containing humanity.

  • The world is on the brink at any given moment.

  • Vaults or bunkers may be secondary to other kinds of doomsday prevention: space colonization. Colonies in space (like the space station, but also mars, the moon, etc) would effectively ensure the survival of the species, but also double as research and resource gathering stations.

  • A bunker is the right idea but it could quickly evolve into chaos. Currently, the best solution is self-reliance. Every homeowner should be able to protect his/her own home, grow his own food, generate his own electricity,

  • I believe we should create a safety net of some sort in case the worst were to happen. Although I believe we wouldn't know if a plan was already in place or at least we shouldn't know. If it was common knowledge of such a plan in place it may create fear among the public and further ideas of a 'privileged few' as there would obviously be limited space and selection of people would further divide the world when this is merely the worst case scenario.

  • Small scale bunkers have already been publicly and privately built since the Cold War, suggesting that there is in fact a need for such structures.

  • Creating such a vault would be seen as betting against the outside populations of humans.

  • The cost of creating a structure in case of a crisis is too high.

  • Threats are so ever-changing that being able to predict the nature of the threat and accordingly building a threat-proof bunker is impractical; it is more likely to give false reassurance than be a successful protection.

  • The process for determining who would be allowed to enter such the vault would almost certainly favor the elite, wealthy, and powerful, and could lead to conflict, or, in extreme cases, perhaps even war.

  • It could be argued that humans are the only species that shouldn't be allowed into the arc.

  • The logistics behind it would be the source of much argument and turmoil.