Kialo should create a mobile app, additionally to already working on mobile browser

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Kialo should create a mobile app, additionally to already working well on most mobile browsers.

  • Apps have better user retention than web interfaces.

  • There are lots of mobile users.

  • Most people use phones and tablets more than a web based browser. an app would open up the forum to many more people. (this could also go on the con side!)

  • The webapp doesn't provide native mobile notifications.

  • An app would be more convenient for users as it would allow users to interact with debates on the go.

  • An app can provide an offline mode - discussion with self - that the web version can't.

  • The web interface is clunky on mobile.

  • More people would join Kialo if an app were available on the Play Store

  • A native app will provide more support for Kialo to create a great user experience on mobile.

  • Kotlin is a fun and easy language to learn!

  • The website runs very slow even on mid end or older high end phones

  • The app can significantly reduce mobile data usage needed to use kialo

  • They should focus on improving the web version.

  • Android already allows to make an icon of the web link.

  • You can already add an icon to a web page onto an iPhone.

  • A progressive web app is a better option than developing native apps.

  • It costs significant developer resources to also support a mobile app

  • There's a danger that an app would be short one or more features of the web site.

  • Most people don't want to install yet another app.

  • The mobile web version is full-featured.