Las Vegas 10.02.2017 Implications

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Does this tragic event change your views on the 2nd amendment ?

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  • In lite of the breaking horrific event in Las Vegas 10.02.2017 do you feel greater security in public venues are needed

  • Does this event benefit any political party ?

  • Does this event benefit any religious belief ?

  • Should this event benefit any political party ?

  • Should this event benefit any religious belief ?

  • Do you believe conspiracy theories serve any political purpose in an event such as this ?

  • Do you believe conspiracy theories serve any religious purpose in an event such as this ?

  • Do news media tend to "over broadcast" stories of this nature ?

  • Does an event of this magnitude spur on similar tragedies ?

  • This will continue to add distance between an already divided population.

  • Automatic weapons are not and should not be protected by the second amendment. Do you agree ?

  • Greater security at venues would not have prevented this tragedy. Agree or disagree ?

  • Yes, somewhat. Unlike previous shootings, it's hard to see how "standard" gun control arguments (pro- or anti-) are relevant here. The most relevant question here might be: Is preserving the second amendment worth the cost? This shooting pushes me somewhat towards "no." Caveats: Political opinions should weigh far more on statistics and reasoned argumentation than single events. And gun rights as an issue extends far beyond mass shootings. But this event is useful as a discussion starting point.

  • If there were no liberty to bear arms, what would stop criminals and the government(should a truly oppressive/violent government take hold) from oppressing the population of law abiding, common people? Is not the reason for bearing arms and having militias to regulate the government in the first place?

  • Will you be willing to give up "freedoms" to safeguard the public when visiting resorts ?

  • Mental health is never a focus after mass shootings. Only the fight over the second amendment. Yet all these mass murders have one thing in common: mental health. Mental health is left neglected, but is the underlying cause for these murders will not stop unless mental health is addressed.

  • Does the shooting in Las Vegas spur on any political issues for you ?

  • As the world becomes more and more depraved, these types of attacks will happen more often. The second amendment is not causing these events to happen, but can offer a way to stop them once they do happen.

  • Does social media reporting of events such as the Las Vegas shooting hold more water for you than on air broadcasts ?