Lobbying and all other forms of monetary contribution to public policy should be abolished

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Lobbying and all other forms of external monetary contribution to public policy formation should be abolished.

  • Lobbying usurps the primacy of the citizen in government which should only exist to represent their interests, the modern nation state is after all a ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’.

  • Government is inherently coercive; incentivizing policy with monetary profit engenders the potential for undue force being imposed on the public.

  • Lobbying provides political power to entities simply on the basis that they have more assets.

  • Any form of monetary influence in the government is corruption.

  • Lobbying distorts future policy.

  • Lobbying is the only effective mechanism to introduce elected officials to viewpoints that are not yet common knowledge.

  • Lobbying allows groups to represent themselves in the short term in representative democracies, rather than having to wait for elections.

  • Lobbying is a form of petition, which is a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

  • Lobbying allows parties without the ability to petition themselves to participate in policymaking by paying others to act for them.

  • It would be more reasonable to reform lobbying by clearly defining what is and isn't corruption.