No public restrooms should be separated by either sex or gender.

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No public restrooms should be separated by either sex or gender.

  • Unisex bathrooms have proven to work in many areas, thus it seems only right to adopt them on a larger scale in public.

  • It is more efficient to have one large bathroom than two smaller ones.

  • Unisex bathrooms benefit many groups.

  • The American constitution points toward the necessity of unisex bathrooms.

  • Unisex bathrooms represent societal progress regarding equity and human rights.

  • Public restrooms have always been segregated by gender.

  • Unisex bathrooms threaten peoples' rights.

  • Many of the problems currently caused by separated bathrooms could be mitigated through a better design of bathrooms.

  • it is economically not viable to make a change in bathrooms if the result is people choosing to cease doing business with the owners of the property. this is a pragmatic argument. your ethical and legal ballot may face a financial veto like the US alcohol prohibition.

  • women engage in different behavior in unisex bathrooms. specifically they don't do their 'business.' thus if a bathroom fills up and multiple women think a man might be using another stall they "hold onto their dignity", leading to the bathroom itself becoming clogged. this also is why it is more efficient to have fewer stalls for women per room, but more rooms.

  • Many religious groups, such as Muslims or Orthodox Jews, would be unable to utilize unisex facilities and be denied a basic human service in public, further ostracizing the women and children in these cultures.

  • A significant part of society opposes unisex bathrooms.

  • Washrooms are often a place people go to avoid someone of the opposite sex who is making them feel unsafe. If I am in an environment such as a bar, having a room where there are no guys makes me feel safer. If someone is getting too close, it provides an escape where they cannot follow me as easily

  • Men and women, because of their physical and behavioural differences, need a different type of bathroom.