Pros & Cons - Industrial Legalization of Hemp

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Pros & Cons - Industrial Legalization of Hemp

  • Hemp creates paper in place of trees. Trees take a long time to grow (~10-20 yrs) while hemp can be grown quickly (less than a year).

  • Hemp grows in just about any environment. Due to hemp's environmental availability any nation or state can reap the benefits of its crop.

  • Hemp can be grown by a highly reproducible natural seed, which eliminates industry monopolization.

  • Hemp needs less toxic means of securing production (e.g. more pest resistant, meaning no pesticides are needed).

  • Hemp is known for having effective bioremediation/phyto-remediation qualities, meaning it can be used to cleanse the soil.

  • Hemp appears to be ideal for eco-sustainability and offers many highly beneficial upgrades for society.

  • Hemp can be used to create thousands of legitimate products.

  • Hemp has been grown for thousands of years on our planet as a highly productive crop.

  • Despite common myth, hemp cannot be grown anywhere: it suits certain soil types, and ensuring predictable crops at an economical rate can be complex.