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  • This is a test and will be deleted after review. t.co - It's an absolute shame that it doesn't matter who is elected. Once you are elected you're persecuted. Doesn't matter who gets elected it's the same song and dance!

  • www.facebook.com - I have to add that after READING THE MINUTES posted on the RBMC website that I have no words to the BOD member that has continually verbally abused other BOD members as well as myself and now has expressed a DEATH WISH against another BOD members dog. How bad does it have to get to have this BOD member removed for the numerous verbal(SWEARING,VULGAR AND ABUSIVE) attacks against other members and now their pets??????????? ... See More See Less

  • www.facebook.com - I am on the BLRC, EC, and PASS policy committees and i feel like all the members on these committees(whether we agree or not on any issue) are working towards the RIGHT way to go in this park and not to stay in the WRONG. I am standing for ,supporting, and willing to do for the HIT TEAM anything and everything to help them correct the wrongs and make this the BEST PARK IT CAN BE. ... See More See Less

  • www.facebook.com - If there are any rules, regulations, by-laws or any procedures that HAVE BEEN DONE IN THE PAST THAT ARE NOT IN ACCORDANCE with what our governing documents state IT NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED to the RIGHT way of doing them per our rules, regulations and by-laws (which by the way are being diligently worked on to make sure they are black and white with no LOOPHOLES for any one to find) ... See More See Less

  • www.facebook.com - I have read on the FB page that there is evidence and proof via emails, texts and minutes that certain BOD are not upholding their positions for the BETTERMENT of the park but are using their positions solely to state they are on the BOD but create nothing but obstacles for the HIT team to get many of the wrongs going on in our park right . ... See More See Less

  • www.facebook.com - I personally think and believe it is about time we had a BOD that stands for these ideals and in part we do. The lies,corruption (elections), hearsay, half-truths, innuendo, and accustations need to end. It is aparrent to me that there are certain BOD that don't. ... See More See Less

  • www.facebook.com - As a member of this park I am thoroughly disgusted with the behavior and actions of certain BOD members- I have come to the conclusion there are 2 sides to this BOD- TRIPLE A SIDE -abuse, accuse and attack or HIT SIDE -honesty, integrity and transparency. ... See More See Less