Should a license should be required in order to have a child (procreate)?

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A license should be required in order to have a child (procreate).

  • Parenting licenses allow for earlier state intervention than current child protection processes. This is in the best interest of both child and parent(s), as well as society.

  • A parenting license system will lead to better childcare and parenting.

  • A licensing system controlling procreation would enable the government to direct human evolution towards positive eugenic ends.

  • It would be fair towards people who (have to) adopt to make the procedure to choose for procreation equally complex.

  • It is the duty of the state to maximize the quality of life of all its people.

  • The practicalities of implementing such a policy would make it impossible to implement in some countries.

  • Parenting licenses violate parents' rights.

  • The state does not get a legitimate claim to the custody of children whose parents fail to get a license.

  • Such a test would adversely affect some groups in society more than others.

  • It is impossible to design a test that accurately assesses the ability to be a parent.

  • Parenting licenses will bring undue harm to people.