Should conscientious objection to abortion be banned?

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Conscientious objection to abortion should be banned

  • Conscientious objection is discriminatory and undermines women's rights.

  • Laws permitting conscientious objection are discriminatory in favour of Christianity and against other religions.

  • Refusing to perform an abortion is unethical.

  • Conscientious objection endangers the lives and health of women.

  • Legalizing conscientious objection undermines the rule of law.

  • Personal beliefs have no place in the medical profession.

  • The state cannot legitimately force doctors to perform an abortion.

  • Such a policy would be counterproductive and hurt the women it aims to protect.

  • Banning conscientious objection would violate medical staff's freedom of religion.

  • Abortion is unethical and it is perfectly legitimate for medical staff to refuse to perform an unethical medical procedure.

  • Performing abortions is only one element of medicine. People should be able to choose to specialise without being forced to perform this particular procedure.