Should Human Life Be Valued Above Animal Life?

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Some animals are more sentient than some humans.

  • Humans in vegetative states cannot suffer.

  • It is unlikely fetuses can suffer until the third trimester.

  • Many non-human animals have superior capabilities to humans in certain areas.

  • Many animal species experience a range of emotions such as happiness, resentment, joy, sadness, empathy, and even PTSD.

  • Some animals being more sentient than some humans is not a reason to value them above humans. Some humans are more sentient than some animals. Thus, this is more an argument for equal value of both.

  • Sentience and awareness of your surroundings are arguably different concepts, and humans already practice euthanasia in circumstances where the quality of life is called to question, what difference is there between euthanasia and the death of animals that are less sentient than us.

  • Such cases are rare, as are cases where the decision needs to made to preserve either one individual animal or one individual human. The likelihood that we need to either save the life of an animal OR preserve a vegetative human is so small as to be practically irrelevant.

  • "Some animals are more sentient than some human" suggest that there may be animals worth fighting for, more than some humans. Yet, there are no animals that fight for their own rights. Therefore, human populations have a self-sentience of their rights that no animal ever had.

  • Most humans have far superior capabilities than most non-human animals.