Should Human Life Be Valued Above Animal Life?

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This kind of value judgement cannot be generalized.

  • It should not be a general sentiment that is established. Each person should have their own ideas of worth.

  • Values are a human invention and illusion - neither matters more than the other in the physical world.

  • The statement is ill-posed without reference to the system of morality in question. For example, from a nihilistic standpoint, neither human nor animal life should be valued above the other.

  • The value of both humans and animals are relative and cannot be simplified into absolute terms.

  • It's about context. In certain scenarios the life of an animal should undeniably be valued above that of a human, e.g. saving the life of a trusted police dog by shooting a known sadistic pedophile.

  • Objective moral truths exist and saving a human life over an animal's could be argued as such an objective moral truth. While there may be circumstantial differences the base value without further context would be true.