Should Human Life Be Valued Above Animal Life?

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Human life should be valued above animal life in the case that only one can be preserved.

  • Humans make the most valuable contributions to the world and therefore should be valued above animals.

  • Value is a uniquely human capability. If we use a more concrete metric, such as the betterment of our species, we can see that it is objectively better to value human lives over animals.

  • Humans should be valued over animals, as we are the only ones capable of caring for Earth and resolving the damage we've done.

  • Humans have a moral duty to protect human lives over the lives of animals.

  • Human lives are superior to animal lives and therefore should be valued above them.

  • Some human cultures and religions value animal lives above their own.

  • Humans cause more harm than good to the environment, so animals should be preserved over humans.

  • All life should be valued equally.

  • If humans perish, non-human animals will go on without us without a problem, but we require them to survive.

  • There are circumstances in which we must put animal lives ahead of human lives.