Should Obligatory Community/Military Service Be Introduced?

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Obligatory Community/Military Service Should Be Introduced

  • Introducing obligatory community service would lead to many benefits for society.

  • Military conscription improves the safety and well-being of society.

  • Performing community/military service provides benefits for the individuals who participate.

  • Citizens have a moral duty to serve their society in return for the various rights and privileges that they are granted by society.

  • Compulsory service helps create shared values and identities in a highly individual and fragmented society.

  • Obligatory service is an unfair infringement upon citizens' rights to freedom and self-determination.

  • This policy is a waste of resources.

  • States with a surplus of conscripts will deploy them in harmful ways.

  • Mandatory community service will cause young people to resent it, and avoid volunteer work later in life.

  • People who do not want to do military/community service are unreliable as workers.

  • Militarized societies inherently posit violence and oppression as guiding cultural principles. Compulsory military service creates a dehumanized cultural condition.

  • The military is a terrible institution to work for.