Should Polygamy Be Legal?

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Should polygamy be legal?

  • Polygamy can have positive consequences for society.

  • A restriction to monogamy is also a restriction of human nature and may therefore not be made.

  • Possible negative effects of polygamy can easily be contained.

  • If polygamy is illegal then cultures which include polygamy are in effect discriminated against.

  • The supreme court just ruled that homosexual marriage is legal. The court is ready to view marriage differently than in previous generations.

  • The government should not interfere in the internal affairs of consenting adults.

  • Legally, marriage represents a more solid and protected base for all parties involved. This should not be denied to people who want to be in a relationship with multiple partners.

  • A restriction to monogamy violates human rights.

  • Governments should not prioritize certain forms of relationships over others.

  • People can already date as many people as they like. There is no need for a legal acknowledgment in form of marriage.

  • Polygamy violates human rights.

  • The legalization of polygamy would come along with legal and procedural challenges in federal constructs like the European Union.

  • Conferring and navigating the legal rights conferred by polygamy to multiple partners vis a vis themselves would be unworkable.

  • Polygamous marriages are risky for those involved as a one-person income is more unstable.

  • The government has no compelling interest to sanction or incentivize any type of marriage, including polygamy.

  • Polygamy can have negative consequences for society.