Should The 'Poor' Be A Protected Equality Group?

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The "Poor" should be a protected equality group.

  • To be represented in a society you need financial resources. That's why poor people are not represented enough in our democracy and should be considered especially with an Equality Group.

  • Governments will be forced to consider the impact of policies on the most vulnerable in society.

  • Persistent inter-generational poverty proves that being poor discriminates against certain individuals.

  • Protecting the poor would positively impact future generations in the areas of health, economics and education.

  • Protecting the poor will protect the monetary system itself by keeping the poor involved in playing the money game.

  • Discrimination against those from poor backgrounds would be reduced by legal protection.

  • Identifying poor people as an equality group may galvanize the non-poor against them.

  • Private individuals have a moral right to discriminate as an extension of their right to free association.

  • Achieving a practical and acceptable definition of "poor" will be difficult.

  • Poverty, and the threat of it, is a crucial economic incentive. Without it we would all be poorer.

  • Providing protection for the poor will create more poor people in search of protection. Especially if by government.

  • When you 'protect' a specific group of people they are no longer equal.

  • In the USA, the constitution provides equal rights and protection for all citizens already.