Should the US adopt stricter gun controls?

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The US should adopt stricter gun control legislation, in the form of the policy defined in the discussion info (click top left menu => Info).

  • Having fewer guns in circulation means society is generally safer.

  • Polls suggest most American citizens support stricter gun control legislation.

  • People would feel safer if they knew there were fewer guns around.

  • Other forms of licensing have proven to be effective. Gun control could work in the same way.

  • Stricter gun control will decrease gun culture in the long term.

  • People only have rights to things they need for survival, not things they merely want.

  • Guns are needed by potential resistance movements in the case of the government becoming authoritarian, and they can be a useful deterrent against authoritarianism.

  • People like playing with guns (eg FPSRussia or similar) and they should not have to be limited to the particular uses of the gun as per the proposed restrictions.

  • Gun owners need guns to protect their family and loved ones.

  • The occupation/hobby related gun use declaration restrictions proposed are unnecessarily onerous and unlikely to be well implemented.

  • Attempting to control dangerous activities through legislation can actually make the problem worse.

  • Implementing strict gun control measures is likely to create backlash.

  • Guns will always be a feature of US society so we should aim at protecting against them rather than regulating them.

  • This policy would do significant harm to weapons manufacturers and sellers.

  • The policy fails to address the root of the issue with gun violence in the US which is cultural.