Should the US adopt stricter gun controls?

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The US should adopt stricter gun control legislation, in the form of the policy defined in the discussion info (click top left menu => Info).

  • Stricter regulation would make people consider their decision to own a gun more seriously.

  • Having fewer guns in circulation means society is generally safer.

  • Polls suggest most American citizens support stricter gun control legislation.

  • Stricter gun control will decrease the harmful consequences of gun culture in the long term.

  • There is no inherent natural right to gun ownership.

  • The onus should be on the state to foster responsible gun owners.

  • Regulating potential danger is a duty. We regulate cars more heavily than we do guns. It really isn't that hard to understand why it is important. If anyone could just go out and get a semi truck and trailer, the deaths from that would go up. Not only that, but people are required to carry insurance for these optional risks. The US needs to adopt stricter gun controls. It is obvious that not everyone should have firearms. People that can demonstrate their competencies should have them.

  • People would feel safer if they knew there were fewer guns around.

  • This policy would do significant harm to weapons manufacturers and sellers.

  • Gun control legislation is very difficult to implement effectively.

  • People like playing with guns (eg FPSRussia or similar) and they should not have to be limited to the particular uses of the gun as per the proposed restrictions.

  • Any undermining of fundamental rights opens up other aspects of individual rights for majority interpretation.

  • Free access to guns is a cultural characteristic of the US and thus should be preserved.

  • Government legislation cannot solve or eradicate every problem that faces society.

  • In the US, the fear of gun control being enacted actually negates the aim of most gun control legislation, which is to reduce the number of available firearms. Every time gun control is suggested in the United States, the sale of firearms goes through the roof in response because of the anticipatory buying spike that precedes the passing of the law. The threat of gun control increases market demand and drives higher and higher sales.

  • The over-regulation of American society is evidence that the US government is becoming more corrupt. "The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws." - Publius Cornelius Tacitus

  • These policies infringe on various rights that the government has an obligation to uphold.