Should the US adopt stricter gun controls?

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The US should adopt stricter gun control legislation, in the form of the policy defined in the discussion info (click top left menu => Info).

  • People would feel safer if they knew there were fewer guns around.

  • Stricter regulation would make people think twice before buying a gun.

  • Stricter gun control will decrease gun culture in the long term.

  • Having fewer guns in circulation means society is generally safer.

  • There is no inherent natural right to gun ownership.

  • Polls suggest most American citizens support stricter gun control legislation.

  • Gun control legislation is very difficult to implement.

  • The right to a firearm is a natural extension of the right to self-defense.

  • This policy would do significant harm to weapons manufacturers and sellers.

  • People like playing with guns (eg FPSRussia or similar) and they should not have to be limited to the particular uses of the gun as per the proposed restrictions.