Should the US Recognize Palestine as a State?

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The US Should Recognize Palestine as a State.

  • Public opinion in the US supports this step: more Americans support an independent Palestinian state than oppose it.

  • Recognizing Palestine will directly benefit America.

  • Recognition of a Palestinian state is an important step in ending Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

  • Israel's occupation of territories acquired during the 1967 war is against international law. Recognition of Palestine as a State will force America to take a stance on the occupation (Ben-Naftali et al., p. 609).

  • Palestine is a legitimate state and deserves to be recognised as such.

  • US recognition of Palestine will improve Israel's security.

  • Israel has all but given up on the two state solution. The US must take this step to bring Israel back to the negotiating table.

  • The US should not support the two-state solution as it is not the best outcome for the region.

  • The Jewish people have a strong religious and ancient claim to the Land of Palestine and thus are its rightful rulers.

  • The diplomatic recognition of Palestine alone will do little to help resolve the long-running conflict between Israel and Palestine.

  • Many Palestinians do not themselves support the two-state plan the US will base its recognition on. This makes it unlikely that such a plan will ever be successfully adopted.

  • Part of Palestine, the Gaza Strip, is ruled by Hamas, a group that the US recognises as a radical Islamist terrorist group. Recognising a Palestine that is partially ruled by Hamas is equivalent to legitimising a terrorist organisation.

  • Palestinians refuse to recognise Israel specifically as a Jewish state; it is therefore hypocritical of them to demand that other actors recognise them as a legitimate state.