Should the US remove Confederate memorials, flags, and monuments from public spaces?

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The US should remove Confederate memorials, flags, and monuments from public spaces.

  • The Confederates committed treason against the United States. The United States should not continue to honor or memorialize them.

  • It is too divisive in modern day America to continue to display these monuments from a painful part of American history.

  • Public symbols have long been used as a means to reinforce state sanctioned beliefs and ideals, particularly during times when those ideals were threatened. A majority of the confederate symbols fall into this categorization. If they no longer represent the current beliefs and ideals they should be removed and relegated to a historical representation such as a museum.

  • You can keep the statues without glorifying what they once stood for. We can keep them in museums with proper historical context rather than on a plinth to be admired.

  • The principal legacy of Confederate statues is white supremacy and slavery. Since this fundamentally conflicts with American values and ideas, they should be removed.

  • Confederate monuments, flags and memorials honor an important part of the American story.

  • These statutes have been around for a very long time and no one has cared. They were uncontested earlier and therewith became a part of our society.

  • The power to take down statues also is the power to control history and thus, to control the future. This power lends itself to being employed in the service of political agendas, rather than the good of society, and should be used as sparingly as possible

  • The US should not establish a policy of removal, as that would be an overreaching oppression of speech. Let each city/state determine the figures they choose to honor (or not to honor) with statues.

  • Monuments do not signify the enduring morality of the subject, but celebrate an aspect of their character within the context. Sometimes monuments celebrate nothing except a person's importance to history, good or bad.

  • Removal is the most drastic measure when there are more gentle alternatives.

  • Removing or renaming Confederate memorials/monuments presents a slippery slope wherein eventually any memorial linked to the colonial era or other problematic legacies could be considered representative of oppression, and thus deserving of eradication.