Should we believe that God exists, even if it's not true?

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You should believe that God exists, even if it's not true.

  • Reason alone cannot determine if God exists, so if one chooses to believe in God, one does so knowing that there is a chance it is not true; everyone who believes in God surely accepts this.

  • Religions are integral parts of culture, architecture and history, and thus should be preserved.

  • Only finite losses are incurred if God doesn't exist.

  • In mortal life and in the after-life, there would be perceptible benefits to be gained from believing in God, both for the believer and society as a whole; even if God does not exist.

  • It is immoral to support immoral deities.

  • Believing in God, harms the individual. One could prioritize other activities or beliefs that would be far more beneficial.

  • Believing in God harms society.

  • Believing in God may not lead to positive theological outcomes.

  • It is immoral to feign belief in God so as to gain infinite reward.