Should we judge the quality of artwork based on the conduct of the artist?

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The quality of artwork should not be judged based on the conduct of the artist.

  • Everyone who makes the world worse in one way can make it better in another.

  • Disregarding a sound argument on the basis of its origin is a fallacy, and hinders the advancement of human knowledge. By the same token, disregarding a work of art on the basis of its origin hinders progress in human creativity.

  • The quality of a work of art can have no moral implications.

  • A finished work stands on its own.

  • Artists should try to keep private and public selves well separated, so their work can be appreciated purely on its own merit.

  • While evaluation of art is subjective, much is illuminated by context. The creator's biography is relevant context.

  • Questioning previously held assumptions about artistic quality is the way the arts have always progressed. To place any work beyond the reach of any kind of criticism stifles artistic progress.

  • An artist's contribution to society isn't as valuable as the damage caused by their behavior.

  • The creators of great artworks are generally credited and often celebrated, and we must not celebrate criminals and other reprehensible individuals.