The Ethics of Eating Animals: Is Eating Meat Wrong?

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Humans should stop eating animal meat.

  • Eating and producing meat heavily contributes to climate change.

  • Ceasing to produce meat will be necessary in order to meet the growing food needs of the world's population.

  • Farming animals has severe impacts on the local environment due to its heavy resource use and impact upon the landscape.

  • The meat industry is particularly harmful to its workers. Supporting the meat industry by eating meat involves being complicit in this harm.

  • Eating meat, in the majority of cases, involves the cruel and immoral treatment of animals.

  • Vegetarian diets generally lead to better health outcomes than omnivorous diets.

  • The taste of meat is delicious and brings many people pleasure in a manner that vegetarian food cannot fully imitate.

  • Ceasing to eat meat would harm the economy.

  • Eating meat is a central part of human nature, evolution, and physiology/biology and thus its consumption is inherent to humankind.

  • Farming vegetarian products also directly or indirectly harms animals in the process of crop production and harvest.

  • As animals lack rights it is morally permissible to raise them for slaughter.

  • That animals eat other animals is the natural order of the world; to replicate and continue this is not immoral.

  • The harms of meat are not inherent to all forms of animal farming, and can be ameliorated through better consumer choice and/or moderation rather than complete abstention.

  • Consuming meat is an important part of many culture's cuisines, religions, and practices.