The US Should Pay Reparations for Slavery

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The US should pay reparations for slavery.

  • Existing legal frameworks point in the direction of paying reparations.

  • Reparations will improve the moral standing of the United States in the world.

  • The nature of slavery was such as to give rise to a moral obligation to pay reparations.

  • American society would benefit economically from giving reparations to descendants of slaves.

  • Reparations would benefit segments of society disadvantaged by the legacy of slavery.

  • The US has already paid reparations for other past grievances.

  • The US track record of exploitation is quite long. Paying slavery reparations would be a slippery slope for other groups to claim the same.

  • Public opinion polls indicate that a majority of Americans oppose paying reparations to descendants of slaves.

  • There are severe barriers to specifying who should be entitled to reparations, and what form reparations would take.

  • Financial reparations will do nothing to address the problems facing Black Americans right now.

  • To whom? Nobody who lived under slavery is still alive today. BUT we should accept that all wealth a person/community/country has is based on the context in wich it exists and it's history. SO yes, some people are rich because of slavery. This is the problem that we should adress, the accumulation of capital on corrupt capital.

  • A "truth and reconciliation" process would make more moral sense. There are many contemporary organizations that existed at that time and participated in slavery, from governing bodies to corporations to civic organizations. They should own up to their history and make appropriate recompense.

  • The government should not discriminate, even positively, on the basis of race.

  • The connection between the current US and the US in which slavery were practiced is so tenuous that there is no need to pay reparations.

  • The US has already taken actions and/or changed in ways that deal sufficiently with its history with slavery.

  • Reparations are too expensive.