Universal Basic Income is the Future

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Wealthy countries should provide citizens with a universal basic income (UBI).

  • A UBI enhances the freedom and dignity of individuals.

  • A UBI better rewards meaningful contributions to society.

  • A UBI helps downsize government bureaucracies.

  • A UBI reduces crime.

  • A UBI provides security, allowing people to focus on long-term goals instead of their next meal.

  • A UBI makes it possible for people to work less.

  • A UBI helps the labor market adapt to disruptive changes to the technology and culture of work, such as automation and artificial intelligence.

  • A UBI reduces inequalities and enhances social mobility.

  • A UBI is more efficient and effective than traditional welfare programs.

  • A UBI enhances working conditions.

  • A UBI enables people to work less or leave the workforce permanently.

  • UBIs could be used by political elites to avoid addressing structural injustices.

  • A UBI is subject to fraud.

  • A UBI could eliminate competition and thus diminish progress in a variety of areas.

  • Basic human economics are not universal thus a UBI system will fail.

  • Mathematically UBI will not work. wrsc.org

  • Simple math is in play against a UBI System. Take for instance if you have an national total net worth of $188,000,000,000 and a population of 325,000,000 people then the average annual salary under the UBI System would mean each person has about $578.46 to live on each year. Me, I'm addicted to my freedom of choice and like being able to decide what trade offs to make with my money. $578.46 /yr doesn't leave a whole lot of room for trade off decisions. www.investopedia.com

  • A UBI will lead to greater inflation.

  • A UBI has negative effects on the national economy.

  • A UBI erodes the personal and societal incentives for financial responsibility, self-improvement, and hard work.

  • A UBI reduces the political will to continue other welfare programs.

  • UBIs that meet the poverty line are too expensive for governments to afford.